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Refreshing and bringing more personality to an outdated website

The problem

I was approached by a tech company looking to overhaul its website. They had feedback from users that the website felt "out of date", and was difficult to use.


I audited the website and found the main issues to be; inconsistent styling, competing CTAs, and lack of branding.

A screenshot of the old Patch My PC home screen

Research, brief

I spoke with key stakeholders to learn a little more about the issues users had been raising, as well as to understand a little more about the branding and history of the company.


We agreed that it would be best to focus on designing the primary user flows through the website - Signing up for a demo, requesting a quote, and requesting a free trial.

A site map of Patch My PC


I initially began researching similarly technical products (such as Atlassian, Microsoft) to see how they laid out technical information to users and created mood boards to help guide my designs

I then did some hand sketching and rough wire-framing in Figma to get an idea of how I could lay out the pages to best highlight the most important CTAs.

Various moodboards showing different tech websites
A rough wireframe mockup of the home screen of Patch My PC

Early designs, feedback

I established a rough style guide to get started with and tried to inject the company branding into as many elements as possible.


I created several screen designs and sought feedback from the stakeholder early and often. They identified areas that they liked, but equally, areas they felt could be improved or explored further.

2 screenshots showing early designs of the Patch My PC home screen


I completed the final designs and had them signed off by the key stakeholders. They were really pleased with the outcomes and felt that they modernised the website and felt very intuitive to use.

I am currently supporting the tech team in implementing these designs on their website, and exploring which other parts of their software suite we address next.

2 desktop, 2 mobile screenshots of the Patch My PC home screen, and 'request a quote' screen.

Natalie Diller - Marketing Manager, Patch My PC

Our team at Patch My PC highly recommends Euan to anyone looking for design help! He not only created an exceptionally beautiful design revamp to our website, but he was great to work with throughout the process.


He was constantly checking in for any feedback and/or recommendations for changes which were nearly impossible to provide to him because his work was top notch and didn't need any changes from our end. Thank you for all of your hard work, Euan!

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