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Toucan banking application on a laptop, a tablet, and a mobile device
Toucan Logo - a geometric toucan


A clear, playful, and trustworthy banking application

The brief

As part of my UI Design Course (UX Design Institute), we were given the task of designing a UI for a new responsive banking application that wants to stand out from the crowd, while sticking to the brand values of; playful, clear, and trustworthy

We were given very basic wireframes which were the basis for us to create 9 screens; 3 each for mobile, tablet, and desktop.

Screenshots of the UX Design Institute brief to design a banking application
Simple wireframe mockups of a banking application

Research, moodboards

I focused initially on exploring references for each brand value, and inspiration for;

  • Typography,

  • Iconography,

  • Colour, and

  • UI elements

These were all added to separate mood boards which I referred to throughout the project. 

A collection of 7 moodboards, showing various images collected for inspiration

Branding + stylesheet

Branding would be the foundation on which everything else was built, so I patiently explored many different ideas before settling on 'toucan'.


I felt that this diverged enough to stand out from the old-school banking applications while still feeling trustworthy, modern, and friendly.

A set of pages of a stylesheet showing colours, typography, iconography and interactive elements


I explored dozens of different screen designs and kept artefacts of each iteration for reference later on. I originally had more colourful designs but felt that white space was incredibly effective, especially on data-rich screens. 

I frequently sought feedback from my tutors and made extra care to keep within WCAG 2.1 standards for colour, contrast, and text sizing

3 screenshots of designs for the "Accounts" page of Toucan on mobile


The feedback I received from tutors was overwhelmingly positive. I worked really hard on this project to ensure would be something I was really proud of.


I understandably learned a lot about UI design through the course, and I looked to explore and apply as many of these learnings as possible in my designs. This meant that along with my qualification I really felt I had learned new information that would serve me well in my design career.

2 screenshots of Toucan on Desktop, showing the accounts and spending pages fully designed
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